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An Archaic Earthenware Burial Lid, Philippines
菲律宾 古陶土冥器蓋
The hollow conical form modeled as a bald figure with cut out facial features, demonstrating an abstract and ethereal expression, arms adorned with two loose bracelets, displayed within 160cm custom glass case and stand, height 17.7 in — 45 cm

Property of a Canadian banker, who lived and purchased in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Tokyo in the 1980s and 90s.

For further discussion on Filipino burial lid art, see Father Gabriel Casal and Regalado Trota Jose, Jr., The People and Art of the Philippines, California: Museum of Cultural History, University of California, 1981, p. 61-62

Proceeds to benefit the Ontario Arts Foundation.

Many similar examples can be found from burial caves in Southern Mindanao of the Philippines. Most urns and lids found are carved from limestone, however fewer are modeled using fired earthenware. The lids are varied in forms, either resembling roofs of houses, or conical forms that extend vertically into a human head or upper portion of the body.

Estimate: $2,000—3,000

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