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25 digital prints in artist box
10 ins x 8.25 ins; 25.4 cms x 21 cms

Courtesy of the artist

"Beginning in the mid-nineties, I collaborated with several artists on artworks and created several works on my own. Solo works include Apartment (an inter-connected collection of 32 2D computer games; Ace Art Inc.), House (a computer-navigable flatbed scan of a house’s interior; Winnipeg Art Gallery), Oma/Opa (a 3D environment in which you leapt between 3D-extruded photos of my maternal grandparents faces, examining one from the other in distortion: Art Gallery of Windsor). Collaborators include Reva Stone (No One/In Conversation…, Skin Notwithstanding), Aganetha Dyck and William Eakin (The Wax Museum), Aganetha Dyck (Interspecies Communication Attempt, Hive Scans), and Alex Poruchnyk (Stone Umbrellas).

For the last few years I’ve focused on improving my coding, primarily related to digital game-making." Richard Dyck is a Winnipeg-based artist.

About the work:

“I created a site-specific flatbed scanner work titled "Dunlop for To Conjure" at the Dunlop Art Gallery, Nov. 15, 2003 – Jan. 11, 2004 . This consisted of 94 flatbed scanner photographs taken of, and mounted throughout, the Dunlop library and office spaces. Curated by Sigrid Dahle.

Why in offices? I wanted Dunlop staff to have ownership of an artwork, and others to be able to view the scan only with permission. Staff members were asked what was a favourite item of theirs, which I would then scan, print, and mount as closely as possible to what was scanned. Particularly difficult in that regard was a woman fond of her cleavage. Visitors to the Dunlop were informed via a didactic panel of the nature of the piece and that many works were probably unavailable to them. I’ve always loved the notion of knowing of something but not having access to it. I’ve always loved causing emotion and sparking curiosity, maybe imagination, by absence. Finally, visitors knowing there were 94 scans could play an Easter Egg game, or Pokemon type game, and see if they could collect all 94 sitings. Funny was a scan of a toilet bowl mounted on the wall beside the toilet, that scan disappearing overnight I assume by cleaning staff. So that’s what that box of images are about."

Estimate: $800–1,400

Hive Scans, Collaboration with Aganetha Dyck
Richard Dyck, Heart, 2015

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