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Lot 64 - Ten Volumes on Canadian Silver

Fox, Ross. PRESENTATION PIECES AND TROPHIES FROM THE HENRY BIRKS COLLECTION (signed by author). Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada, 1985. Trudel, Jean. SILVER IN NEW FRANCE. Exhibition catalogue. Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada, 1974. Fox, Ross. QUEBEC AND RELATED SILVER. (signed by author) Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1978. Spalding, Jeffrey J. SILVERSMITHING IN CANADIAN HISTORY. Exhibition catalogue. Calgary: Glenbow - Alberta Institute, 1979. National Museum of Man. THE COVENANT CHAIN, INDIAN CEREMONIAL AND TRADE SILVER. Ottawa: National Museums of Canada, 1980. Villeneuve, Ren'. QUEBEC SILVER. Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada, 1998. Mackey, Donald C. SILVERSMITHS AND RELATED CRAFTSMEN OF THE ATLANTIC PROVINCES. Halifax: Petheric Press, 1973. Refauss', Marie A. CANADIAN HERITAGE SILVER.(signed by author) Surrey: Silver Service Publishing, 2009. Traquair, Ramsay. THE OLD SILVER OF QUEBEC. Macmillan of Canada, 1973. Pack, Robert. COLLECTORS GUIDE TO CANADIAN SOUVENIR SPOONS. First edition, numbered 28 of 1000. Vancouver: Argentum Cochlear Publishing, 1988.

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